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11 Oktober 2010

MUST KNOW : 10 Facts about Fashion Stylist :O

" What's a FASHION STYLIST job? Not later photographer will be directing our style in the photo later?'s Not already there make-up artist and hair stylist? "

Keep in baseball does use the services of a fashion stylist for a photo shoot cd album cover?
Well, if you are a musician who will release an album, have sufficient funds, and concerned with the formation of image would you convey to the public, the answer is: necessary. But if there are no funds, you can appoint someone who you think can take care of the things which I will explain below. What I write below is based on my experience, and because I'm female, there are many points of consideration from the point of wilderness needs of women.
So what's the task this fashion stylist?
Once in 2008 when I produced my first album, I also do not understand. What is its fashion stylist? Not later photographer will be directing our style in the photo later? Instead of the existing make-up artist and hair stylist? How much does a fashion stylist role in the formation of image of your album cover photo shoot?
At the time I finally decided to hire a fashion stylist in the process of shooting my album. And this is what I learned until now: their role is very important if you are a musician who care about the formation of a visual image. Especially if you are female, which is usually considered more stylish and more varied than the male musicians. This is an important part of establishing your brand. 

Fact # 1 Fashion stylist gives the concept of costume would you wear when shooting the album cover. He will discuss with your management team, including if you are under a recording company. Previously, he'll learn your features as a musician. Includes personal branding that you want to visually convey to the public. From these points, he will make the concept of a costume that will be used at a photo shoot for your album cover. The concept was a different picture candidates costume that we could be in the photo directly or from a collection of photographs owned by fashion stylist, or from the Internet, or from magazines. It could be presented in multiple files, or has been put together in a power point presentation. "" He was almost like a choreographer. He will be cited exactly the movements, expressions and attitudes that you have to do in front of the camera. ""

Fact # 2 A fashion stylist offers several options to make you wear a costume that will be real. Options that will be submitted fashion stylist are: - Buying costumes - Borrow / hire of one or several brand clothes - Renting a costume from fashion designer - Create / order a special costume to wear to the dress maker.
Fact # 3 A fashion stylist know crucial things such as references: - Various shopping malls and boutiques where to find your costume - Various designer fashion boutiques - Knowing the various brands of clothes and characters from each brand.
In terms of forms of cooperation, a fashion stylist to know about: - Systems, regulations or ordinances of a rental clothing brand / fashion designer. Rental dresses have special rules, for example mengenaiu how much should be paid. For example a designer will charge a rental fee of 35% of original price clothes. Certain clothing brands has a provision that when returned, must have clothes in dry cleaning in places which they refer.
Example: when I worked with Bebe clothing brand for material shot my single entitled 'merry', they only refer to a Sec Sec and Jeeves that they believe match their quality to the material Bebe clothing material. Each brand of clothes usually have provisions for how long a period it may be borrowed clothes and when to be returned. Certain clothes that have a special price / discount is usually not allowed to borrow. I never experienced this, where the clothes I choose for my loan and it can not be borrowed because the brand is being put on special clothes price / discount on the clothes in their stores.
There are many other procedures for borrowing or renting clothes. A fashion stylist to know exactly the type of partnership of each brand, and he will take care of various things related to the form of cooperation.
Fact # 4 A fashion stylist has a good relationship in a professional, sometimes personal with the fashion designer, tailor clothes, accessories makers, as well as a variety of contact person from a variety of clothing brands sold in the mall. Even their proximity to the network it is our job easier when negotiating. There are times when fashion stylists have to negotiate with any party that shirt (and possibly including accessories) will we borrow / rent or we make.
Fact # 5 A fashion stylist knows all form part of the body type of each person who will be in the portrait. He also knows that will detail the profile face in the photo. He knows his skin color. He'll even learn the person's personal character and soul of the music to be sung. It will be very important to do when he was with the whole team shooting and graphics team to determine the color tone, style and texture and unity with the terms of graphics. from the album cover. 

Fact # 6 A fashion stylist will present a collection of style, pose, or attitude (nature) of gestures, expressions and attitude at the time of the photo later. He knew what was good movement and not good for your body shape and proportions, and face. For the beginning he would gather all these concepts in a computer file, which can be incorporated in the power point presentation.
Fact # 7 A fashion stylist at the time of the shooting will, can and should cite the movement, poses, expressions, body gestures to you. Not only give a general direction. He was almost like a choreographer. He will be cited exactly the movements, expressions and attitudes that you have to do in front of the camera. This was not done by the photographer. Sometimes there who think this is a photographer. Of course not. Photographers do not cite gestures, body contortion, facial expressions and gaze behavior and the entire face. That is part of a fashion stylist.

Fact # 8 Before determining the concept of different styles / poses for a photo album cover you, he would even make the concept of make-up to style your hair in detail. He is understood to detail the make-up, sapuannya, shading and so forth. He understands what he must clamp used to create wave your hair, or make straight hair.
He will conduct meetings with creative team who worked on the graphics from the cover of your album. He will ask the lay out of your pictures later. Is it horizontal, vertical, will be placed in a stretch of several folds of the cd cover you, whether it is a medium shot, head shot, or a full shot. He even understand about the lighting for a photograph and colout themes that will be produced later.
This will make it easy while shooting, he would have mentukan each pose for the cover placement in each of your albums are already in talk with the team graphic. So there will not pose a wasted and unused.
If the photos are finished and can be had raw images in the form of computer files, he can give pointers on what will be in the edit, ranging from acne, skin texture, the size of all parts of your body, the various folds of clothes and so forth.
Fact # 9 A fashion stylist to know the nature of the material fabric. He will know the effect of lighting photography, both indoor and out door. He knows how the effect on the wearer's skin. He knows the fall of the cloth on the body. He will know how the cloth if you want to create the effect of flying at the time of shooting. He knows how heavy the fabric, whether it be in the inflatable fabric with wind from the blower, or if he himself should fly the cloth. It can even know the brand of fabric and can be obtained where, and the price of the cloth.
He also knows a variety of clothing accessories, places to make accessories, where to buy various knickknacks sewing equipment. 

Fact # 10 A fashion stylist and even has a useful standard equipment to be used by someone who will be in the photo. He has a collection of shorts, leggings, even he has some collection of shoes that make you stand up while shooting.
Example: At that time I was shooting the single "merry!" (May 2010) with a long dress in which I will berdirti for hours. Fashion stylist I've brought the shoe wedges (whose rights are full and thick to goto the heel), it is easier for me comfortably stand up over-long hours and perform various movements. After all, these shoes are not visible, because it closed my long dress.
Fashion stylists also have a variety of accessories ranging from classic standards such as small earrings to the jewelry firm and futuristic impression. He also has a variety of sewing supplies, double-sided tape (believe me there are times when clothes must be attached to the skin, especially for clothing that is open), clothes peg and a variety of kits for emergency, you do not even think about, a fashion stylist has made herself ready.
Well .... So many of his usefulness fashion stylist? This is not done by the photographer of course. And from my experience recently, for shooting the video clip "merry!", This is not part of the expertise of a video clip director.
Anyway, for you who are working on an album, just remember one thing: this is showbiz. Showbiz comes from 2 words: show and business. What is displayed (what shows) is a business (activities that make money). So the formation of a visual image incredibly important. Prepare yourself carefully for entrance into the world of the music industry and showbiz.

Be smart musicians who could control and account for the creative side of your work. Good work!

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