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Wanita diciptakan dari rusuk Pria, bukan dari kepalanya untuk menguasai sang Pria, bukan juga dari kaki Pria hingga mudah diinjak-injak, tetapi dari sisi Pria untuk menjadi seimbang dan sepadan, dekat dengan lengan Pria untuk DILINDUNGI, dan dekat dengan hati sang Pria untuk DICINTAI

29 Oktober 2010


For the fashionista or the like to see-saw fashion blogs, surely the name of Diana Rikasari is not foreign. She is one of fashion bloggers who have a simple style of dress, but chicand playful. Since childhood, Diana RikaSari was accustomed to the world of lovers of fashion from her mother's fashion. So no wonder this time she continued to practice it through blogs. Like what?

FROM fad could actually earn extra money. It is felt Diana. Starting from the idle boast blog and show off his creation on his blog, Kani continued sank his career. "At first just a fad. In 2007 it more blog boom, I try to make," says a cheerful woman is.
With mix and match clothes displaying her work along with the time she got an offer. "From the blog network that I can be a lot of stylish fashion from fashion designers. Because of positive response, so I'm excited," said the woman who frequent speaker at events that fashion.
In addition to exhibiting his work on the blog. Diana is currently addressing some of the design to distribution. Namely Bloop Endorse and Won-dershoe. "I began to design for the people in 2009," said the woman who loves this shop.
Bachelor of Industrial Engineering, University of Indonesia is actually still a professional working in a consumer goods company private. "So this blog was just a side job that also lived very seriously," said the woman who had worked at HM Sampoerna as Consumer Insight Marketing Intelligence Analyst.
For inspiration, this photography enthusiast happy to explore new things. "And watching movies, or listen to the radio or read a book," added peiempuan which have characteristic colorful! it.
2009-2010, Diana rate is the year for young children. "A lot of really young designers whose works are really cool. We have again evolved really. I see also the work of young ank began to receive recognition, such as department stores are starting to Tenma. The government is also more young people appreciate the creative sector of Indonesia." added the woman was born in 1984.
Do not want to work with others, at this time Diana started the business themselves. "After starting his own business but not yet at-launch. Again set up. The concept is a boutique but I design all. The plan from September to October. It's not 100 percent. At least 50 percent new." said the woman who claims to receive full support and his parents that addition will open a boutique, an online business through a permanent living. To shop later, enthusiast this gfaficdesign muda.dengan targets children at affordable prices. "I do not want the high end very, very, very affordable." S2 dropout said business University of Nottingham. The boutique, she admitted made from the results of his own salary. "From mid-2009 I already collect and pay me."

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